Black Tourmaline Chakra Wand

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Wands are traditional healing tool of Shamans, healers and metaphysicians. Wands have the ability to focus energy through their tip. The healing ability of a wand is expanded when programmed with intent. It is important to allow universal healing energy to flow in through your crown chakra, down your arm, to the hand and the into the wand where it is amplified. Can be used for healing others, setting a space or sweeping away negativity. A great tool to have on hand.

Black tourmaline is used for protection, against psychic attack, ill wishing and negative energies. Increases physical vitality, grounds energy and works with the base chakra, promotes rational thought, disperses tension and stress.

Chakra stones - help to balance and align the chakra system.

Wand has loop hook that enables you to put it on a chain as a pendulum, be worn as a necklace, or hang for safe keeping.

Measures Approx. 10cm